Yoni Love: Online Orgasm Workshop

The Yoni Love Orgasm Series is a 4-Week Online Workshop that dives into the sexual anatomy of the female body and teaches you how to harmoniously treat every part of this interconnected system for a powerful emotional and physical experience. This is a unique, powerful, and progressive opportunity that will allow you to capture your sexual power from anywhere in the world.

About the Orgasm Series

An orgasmic, practice-as-you-go, hands-on, workshop. Dedicated to cultivating your orgasmic power and potential. Sign up with a partner, lover, friend…as you will be practicing from the privacy of your own home. You will be enhancing, skilling up and reaching the greater healing power within women’s orgasm. All genders, ages (above 18) and cultures are welcome, as this will increase your ability to support women’s ecstatic potential no matter who you are. You can join from anywhere in the world.

This is for, with, and of women…and ALL people who want to participate in the healing power and potential of women’s orgasm. Is it not the time to (re)claim our greatest pleasure as fully as possible –> your sexual erotic ecstatic nature? We have been living in times and cultures where the conscious liberation of our sexuality is a profoundly radical act. As you claim and cultivate this for yourself, you are also helping to create healing and connection for your partnership(s), your community, and for our greater humanity and planet.

Healing the world must include healing our sexuality. The divine feminine and masculine within all of us. As a species. We must find our way back. To heaven on earth. This planet. This body. This connection with our natural, sensual, orgasmic selves.

— Janell Kapoor

Teachers & Topics

Part 1: The Secret Truth About Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – with Sheri Winston

A mind-blowingly informative, radically empowering, fun, funny, comfortable presentation. Illustrated by unique anatomy images, classic and humorous art. Plus demonstrations on an anatomically correct “vulva pillow.” You’ll get new maps of women’s bodies that incorporate all the elegant, integral and multi-purpose structures responsible for female sexual pleasure. Women have as much erogenous erectile tissue as men! Discover the whole Female Erectile Network (including the G-spot and so much more) and find out what you’ve been missing!

Part 2: Feminine Sexual Power Practices & Initiations with Ashley Apple

Learn to activate your pleasure potential and cultivate your feminine sexual power with these initiations:

  • Yoni Yoga with jade eggs – pelvic floor strengthening
  • The physical and energetic anatomy of arousal
  • 5 types of orgasm
  • Movement and visualization techniques for feeling pleasure
  • Breathwork for activating bliss states and sexual energy
  • Secret techniques for “flipping” your radiance switch
  • Embodying your sensual, juicy, powerful Self.

Part 3: Yoni Massage for Healing & Trauma Release with Amrita Grace

Yoni massage is a potent, powerful way to address trauma, especially sexual trauma. Creating safe space to connect with and release blocked energy and painful memories is an art form based on trust and connection. You and your partner will be guided in creating safety while doing a full yoni massage. Using breath, sound, movement, and energetic altered states, you will access and release traumas in a safe and supported environment. This is an opportunity for you to open into whole new areas of orgasmic potential, self-confidence, sexual awakening, and freedom.

Part 4: The Infinite & Cosmic Orgasm  with Whapio Barlett

Now that you’ve been through the previous weeks, we can ask: What is your legacy of sexual wisdom? Can you use the creative force as a path to the Divine and to Pleasure both? Of course! Let’s explore Multiple Orgasm, Cosmic Orgasm and Infinite Orgasm (for all genders). We’ll share orgasmic information about achieving these realms of sexuality. The Infinite Orgasm is real and can expand your perspective and enhance your relationship with yourself, your partner, your community and the Divine.


Sign up with your partner, lover, or friend as this is a practice-as-you-go opportunity. When you register, you will receive the live stream access code. The next step will be to simply dial in from the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom. Anyone who wants to go deep and skill up in the ecstatic nature of women’s orgasm is welcome!


Yourself only
  • We understand that not everyone’s financial situation is the same, so we offer a pay range that allows you to pay what you can afford, starting at $69/course.
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You + One
  • Have a loved one you’d like to share it with? This is your opportunity. Save anything from $5 to $43 when you get to enjoy this course with great company by your side.
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Have questions? We would be glad to speak to you about them. Just email info@janellkapoor.com

“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.” —Sheri Winston

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