Sacred Sexual Healing: Yoni Love Workshop for Women

When: March 16-18, 2018
Duration: Three days
Where: Asheville, NC, USA
Presented by: Sacred Feminine Mystery School + Planetary Priestess

  • Deepening sisterhood
  • Embodied evolution & transformation
  • Learning, giving & receiving sacred sexual healing & yoni massage
  • Beginner to intermediate levels are welcome

“The experience of being in a group of women healing women in this intimate sacred space is a healing power unlike any I have experienced before. Amrita did such a beautiful job creating the container & holding & guiding us through this journey into the Divine Feminine.” — Amanti

Why is it important?

As patriarchal culture gasps its dying breaths, the Sacred Feminine is calling us to show up. In our own lives. In the world at large. Now is the time! Releasing what no longer serves. Bringing us in as fully as possible. As we reconnect, we align with nature’s resilience. Re-membering that we ARE nature. How do we reclaim this, our very own nature? We believe that our sexual/pelvic center is integral to this. Holding enormous power. Holding personal, cultural, lineage & other traumas. Here, we are building a network of women that know how to release & heal this. To create space for our fully embodied liberated orgasmic selves. To connect this with our work in the world. Bridging into the larger healing. As we do this together. As women. Holding space for each other’s deepening. Gathering in sacred circle. Meeting our own juicy edges. Anything & everything becomes possible. There are no more excuses! Loving up your intrinsically brilliant beautiful badass self is your birthright! We need YOU. You need you. And the world needs you!

Is this Workshop for you?

This is for women who are ready for:

  • Transforming through your yoni portal
  • Healing personal, lineage & cultural trauma
  • Gaining tools to support other women’s healing
  • Being clearer channels for what wants to be birthed
  • Deepening community, sisterhood & sexual evolution
  • Igniting greater potential as priestesses on this planet

Workshop Overview

This is a hands-on, guided skill-building practice steeped in the safety of sisterhood. We are specifically offering this workshop with, for & by women, as we feel it is important to normalize these practices in our culture. During the workshop, you will be giving, receiving & witnessing/supporting two distinct therapeutic sexual healing modalities, including fully clothed work + internal yoni massage. The workshop will be held at a beautiful, cozy, light-filled, safe goddess sanctuary. Location details will be shared with you upon registration. Hearty organic snacks & garden grown teas will be served.

During the workshop, you will be practicing in groups of 3 at a time, with 1 woman receiving, 1 giving & 1 holding space by supporting & witnessing. All roles are significant for creating safe & potent space. During this workshop, you will learn & practice:

  • Supporting trauma release & sexual healing
  • How to touch yonis with honor & respect
  • Sacred Spot work ~ where, what & why
  • Yoni mapping exercises & practices
  • Working with chakras energetically
  • Various qualities & types of touch
  • Releasing emotions, using sounds
  • Creating connection to build trust
  • Grounding & presencing together
  • Archetypal roles in yoni massage
  • Hygiene practices & supplies
  • Creating safe sacred space
  • Importance of eye contact
  • Closure & completion

The women behind the workshop

Amrita Grace

Amrita Grace is the award-winning, bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness,” a Wise-Woman High Priestess, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator & the co-founder of the Sacred Feminine Mystery School. She’s been helping women liberate their yonis & reclaim their sexual wholeness for more than a decade.

Janell Kapoor

Janell Kapoor is a Planetary Priestess of the earthy & erotic arts. She founded Ashevillage Sanctuary, a once dilapidated junkyard, now Goddess Sanctuary based in the oldest mountains on the planet. Janell hosts retreats on: women’s sexuality, orgasm as prayer & connecting with our sensual selves. Janell’s private session work helps visionary changemakers clear ancestral, soul & womb blocks so they can be in their greatest service.


“The natural process of this work came through so profoundly. I have a deep understanding that I wish to continue yoni healing as a receiver & a giver. This was a deep clearing of my root chakra & I feel the groundwork has been covered with an opening for more.”

— Teresa Thomas

“I had no idea what to expect but was delighted to be safely & carefully guided & carried through the whole workshop. It felt so safe & loving. I felt a strong sense of sisterhood, as well as extreme inner power. I highly recommend this workshop!”

— Kindra

“This workshop helped me find & release deeply held pain in my yoni that I didn’t even know was there. I felt a much fuller current of life force running through my whole being as a result!”

— L.J.

“This workshop introduces the profound spirit of feminine empowerment & relationship to our physical bodies with incredible grace, sensitivity & wisdom. From a place of ancient knowing, our facilitator brings this work forth to offer women a cultivation of sacred sisterhood & healing.”

— Hannah

“Amrita delivers a deep, compassionate understanding of the power that we hold as women. She activates not just the wisdom of the yoni, but nourishes & reminds us about the sacred feminine in each & every one of us.” 

— Myriam Llano

Racial Awareness

This retreat will be racially diverse & centralizes the safety & upliftment of women of color (WOC), epsecially. If you are a woman walking with white privelege & you do not have a background in social justice, or understanding of the impact that our white supremacist culture has on POC, we will make extra effort to reach for you in preparation. Regardless of your background, if you are not a WOC, we will be sharing more material with you before the retreat regarding racial awareness. If this is not something you are open to, or if this leaves you questioning if you should come, please contact us! We understand that we are all coming from different places & we will be happy to fully refund your money if this is not a fit (minus the 3% PayPal service fee). We thank you so much for your honesty & vulnerability as we strive to create a space that is safe & empowering in a country riddled by racism.


Pricing includes the workshop + an abundance of hearty organic snacks. Lodging & meals are not included.

Early Bird: Before September 21st, register with a friend for $400/each, or register on your own for $444.

Regular Pricing: Starting September 21st, register with a friend for $439/each, or register on your own for $488.

Payment Plan: Payments can be made in 3 installments between now & March 2018. A $35 admin fee will be added to your total. Arrange details with Janell Kapoor.


Yourself only
  • When you register before September 21st, you get a special pricing of $444, otherwise $488.
Register Individual

You + One

Attend with a Friend
  • Sign up with a friend & you will both get a discounted rate.
Register You + Friend

Friend Discount: At any point (even if it’s after you’ve registered), if a friend registers on your referral, you will receive a 10% refund. You are welcome to invite as many friends as you like & you will continue to receive a 10% refund each time.

Cancellation Policy: Starting Sept 21st, there will be no refunds. You may transfer your spot to another woman of your choosing. Please inform Janell of her name & contact info.

Lodging: If you are coming from out of town, nearby offsite affordable lodging options are available. Upon request, we will share a list of local women you can book with.


Housing: If you are coming from out of town, the venue is at a beautiful downtown sanctuary. Housing options in the area can be provided. Text Janell at 828.279.1955.

Meals: An abundance of hearty organic snacks will be provided. You can also bring your lunch &/or eat in town, just a 10 minute walk away!.


To reserve your spot, send your payment via PayPal:
1) Go to
2) Click on ‘send payment to business’
3) Send payment to
4) Include a memo with: YONI HEALING RETREAT + Your Email + Phone #

FINAL STEP: Once you complete your payment registration, please fill out this google form as your final step >>

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