Sacred Sisterhood for the Orgasmic Revolution

Calling all sexually empowered goddess sisters, priestess witches, badass babes, dakinis & pleasure body enthusiasts!!! We are calling you forth as we gather in some of the most ancient mountains of the Earth.

What is possible when we come together?! Are you ready to bring your sexually empowered life further into your community? To share the depth & height of what’s possible with others? Do you want the support of powerful orgasmic activists who will encourage your biggest & most beautifully vulnerable self? Surrounded & seen by women who get this! And want this, too! Who are ready to step into our emotional & sexual intelligence & power. Who are tired of the old paradigm of dominator culture, competition, shame & judgment. Who are instead seeking community, intimacy & support systems with other women.

TOGETHER, we will share the edges of our eros, diving into group & personal pleasure, as well as strategies for bringing it home! This is not just for ourselves. But for each other. For our communities. For the world at large. Bringing it home to share & spread the orgasmic revolution!! With tools, confidence & a community that’s by our side. Showing up as sexually liberated beings & integrating this within the heart of humanity. Composting the patriarchy. The healing that we all need & that the world is crying out for. So that we can grow & blossom & live the richness of humanity’s balanced & embodied sacred sexual potential.

Workshop Overview

Part 1: Grounding & Presencing Together

  • Opening & intention circle
  • Holding space & building trust
  • Creating connection & intimacy
  • Writing exercises

Part 2: Ecosexuality & Energetics

  • Cultivating your sexual & tantric practices
  • Creating body altars & earth blessings
  • Deepening ecosexual meditations
  • Dancing your erotic desires

Part 3: Pleasure and Support

  • Connecting with a panel of wise babes
  • Participating in a Goddess Lovefest
  • Embodying your pleasure potential
  • Self-pleasuring prayer circle

Part 4: Next Steps & Taking It Home

  • Empowering your next steps
  • Integrating & accountability
  • Strategizing your vision
  • Closing ceremony

Racial Awareness

This retreat will be racially diverse & centralizes the safety & upliftment of women of color (WOC), epsecially. If you are a woman walking with white privelege & you do not have a background in social justice, or understanding of the impact that our white supremacist culture has on POC, we will make extra effort to reach for you in preparation. Regardless of your background, if you are not a WOC, we will be sharing more material with you before the retreat regarding racial awareness. If this is not something you are open to, or if this leaves you questioning if you should come, please contact us! We understand that we are all coming from different places & we will be happy to fully refund your money if this is not a fit (minus the 3% PayPal service fee). We thank you so much for your honesty & vulnerability as we strive to create a space that is safe & empowering in a country riddled by racism.


“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.”

—Sheri Winston

“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.”

—Sheri Winston

“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.”

—Sheri Winston


The fee options include tuition for Thursday eve-Sunday afternoon + an abundance of hearty organic snacks. Lodging & your personal food cost is not included in the fee. Contact Janell if you will need housing.

10% Friend Refund:
For any woman who signs up on your referral, or with you, you will both receive a 10% discount, or it will come in the form of a refund if they register after you’ve already paid. You may refer as many women as you like & receive 10% off back each time.

Upfront or Payment Plan:
You have 2 options. (Option 1) Either pay in full when you register or (Option 2) Add a $25 admin fee & split your fee into 3 parts. A 1/3rd of your payment will be due as a deposit to reserve your spot. Your other 2 payments can be made incrementally from there.


Yourself only
  • Sign up on your own & join a potent cirlce of women.
Register Individual

You + One

Come with a friend
  • Sign up with a friend & you will both get a discounted rate.
Register You + 1

Reserve Your Spot

  • To Register: 1) Paypal your **non-refundable** fee to, -OR- 2) Add the $25 admin fee & send 1/3rd of the total amount (the rest will be due incrimentally).
  • Cancellation: There are NO REFUNDS. However, you may transfer your spot to another woman. Please inform us of her name & contact info.
  • Survey: Upon registration, we will send you an email with details, directions & a personal survey form.


Housing: If you are coming from out of town, the venue is at a beautiful downtown sanctuary. Housing options in the area can be provided. Text Janell at 828.279.1955.
Meals: An abundance of hearty organic snacks will be provided. You can also bring your lunch &/or eat in town, just a 10 minute walk away!

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