Yoni Massage for Healing & Trauma Release with Amrita Grace

Welcome Yoni Lovers!Welcome to WEEK 3 of the [ORGASM SERIES] YONI LOVE! We are very excited about this week’s offering. You will get the most out of it if you’ve completed watching (& perhaps practicing) Week 1 & 2. Week 3 airs on Wednesday, May 18th, 7-10pm EDT. Please sign back in then and click on the videos to experience Amrita Grace’s teaching on yoni massage and to witness it happening live.
If you have any questions or comments: You are welcome to post in the comment thread below (scroll down). Amrita and our support team can help answer your questions as this is airing. If you are watching after May 18th, feel free to email any questions you may have to info@janellkapoor.com.

Special thanks: To our teacher, Amrita Grace, the couple you are about to see, Suzannah & Nathan, our cinematographer, Keresey Proctor, and our behind-the-scenes team, Meesh and Brett. Deep bow! And for all of you who are watching: Thank you for your bravery! For participating. For being on this profound journey. Please do share your stories, experiences, reflections, feedback — whatever you are moved to share is welcome. You can email info@janellkapoor.com.

Last, but not least: I recommend that you be very intentional about watching this, especially when you get into the practice. This is deep work. If you are the receiver, this is designed for your stuff to come up…and be released. If you are the giver, your job is to hold space for the receiver. This is an important and sacred role. If both of you are comfortable, it’s recommended to invite a 3rd person to be your witness/support. Again, expect things to come up. Part of this practice is knowing and learning how to hold space. Listen closely, as Amrita gives clear insight into best practices within this process.

With a deep bow to all of you for participating in this powerful work!

Janell Kapoor & the YONI LOVE Team

About Part 3

Yoni massage is a potent, powerful way to address trauma, especially sexual trauma. Creating safe space to connect with and release blocked energy and painful memories is an art form based on trust and connection.

You and your partner will be guided in creating safety while doing a full yoni massage. Using breath, sound, movement, and energetic altered states, you will access and release traumas in a safe and supported environment. This is an opportunity for you to open into whole new areas of orgasmic potential, self-confidence, sexual awakening, and freedom.

Your body is a holy temple. When you invite conscious, loving touch to your yoni, you invite divine reverence into your entire life. — Amrita Grace

Part 2 Videos

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Healing the world must include healing our sexuality. The divine feminine and masculine within all of us. As a species. We must find our way back. To heaven on earth. This planet. This body. This connection with our natural, sensual, orgasmic selves. —Janell Kapoor