Coaching for visionary changemakers

I am in service to your service. I am here to help champion your greatness. The greatest potential of what you are here to bring to the world. You, who are already connected to your heart’s calling. To that which brings you alive. And you know that this is connected to both your happiness, as well as to the greater healing that is needed on the planet at this time. While you know all this to be true, you also recognize that it can be a struggle to bring this through. To stay on track. To centralize it in your life. To make it work for your financial & personal well being. And yet, it’s perhaps the most important thing to do!

I get it! I get you. I feel you. And I want to help you by being your sacred mirror. By helping to reflect & refine your next steps. So that you can bring through what you are here to serve. For aren’t you here for a reason? Isn’t the healing of our planet directly connected to each of us really stepping courageously into what we know is possible?

“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.”  —Sheri Winston

Is Coaching right for you?

Are you someone who:

  • Knows that a more beautiful world is possible? Do you feel a profound calling in your heart? Do you carry great vision? Do you want to be in service to something that is greater than just yourself?
  • Connects the dots between the personal & planetary? Do you already know, somehow your connection with your own intimacy & authenticity, your sexual energies & relations, is part of a greater shift in consciousness & human happiness?
  • Is in love with this most beautiful planet? Do you feel the daily blessing of being an Earthling? Do you get that your happiness is linked to your connection with the rest of the natural world?

If then, welcome home!


Individual Session

$150/ session

Full Package

$1250/ 10 sessions
  • Sign up for the full package & SAVE $250 (save $25 per session).

“The better we are at playing our own instrument, the better we’ll be at playing a duet with a partner.”

—Sheri Winston

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